10 Greatest Overseas Wedding in Bali
10 Greatest Overseas Wedding in Bali
Oversea Wedding
 May 18 2019    21:42 PM

Generally speaking, Bali is one of the most wonderful islands in the world. It is located in the city of the Indonesia. The culture of the Bali is unique not only that but also many world’s most beautiful sceneries and most wonderful beaches are available in the place of the Bali. Do you know one thing? This famous place of the Bali is also called as the “Land of Gods”.

When comparing to the other large beautiful island, the land surface of this Bali is large. Moreover, one of the most excellent things you will enjoy in the Bali is the beautiful sunset. Yes, the look of the sunset in the Bali is very different which means the sunset comes in the great combination colors of the red, pink, orange, and blue.

Moreover, it is one of the biggest tourist spots in the Asia continent. Most of the people love to celebrate the weddings in this Bali. Why because? Bali holds with the many luxury hotels, beaches, and rainforest.

Now, are you really interested to celebrate your wedding in the place of Bali? So, are you looking the wonderful venue to enjoy your wedding? If so, then go through this article on an overseas wedding in Bali. Here, I will take to you the 10 beautiful wedding spot in the Bali.

What are the 10 most wonderful wedding venues in Bali?

Are you decided to enjoy your wedding in the overseas? And do you want to enjoy the sweet memories of your wedding? If so, then choose the best wedding venue in Bali. For your comfort, here I will explain the 10 best wedding spots and its beautiful things.

  1. Alila Soori:

Without any doubt, this Alila Soori is one of the top best as well as the luxury wedding spot in the Bali. This Alila Soori holds with the beautiful long beach. Not only that but also there are many different varieties of the flower are available in here. The flowers provide the mesmerizing fragrance to you.

However, do you want to enjoy your wedding with romantic feeling? If so, then this Alila Soori is the extraordinary place for you. Definitely, they will provide good service to you. Furthermore, you can enjoy the different varieties of the foods and drinks in here.

  1. Alila Uluwatu Chapel:

This Alila Uluwatu Chapel is a suitable place for the people those who want to enjoy the exotic wedding. The most interesting thing about this place holds with the beautiful rectangular building. The design of this beautiful building will mesmerize the most wedding people.

At the evening, the building with open sea enhances the romantic feeling to the wedding people. Moreover, when comparing to the other wedding spots in Bali, this Alila Uluwatu Chapel offers the excellent wedding package with a great discount to you. So, if you want to enjoy your wedding moment at an affordable price, then choose this wedding spot and enjoy with it.

  1. Ayana Astina Chapel:

The wedding spot of this Ayana Astina Chapel is surrounded by the water. Not only that but also the building is constructed using the glasses so you can enjoy the excellent beach look with wonderful sunrise and sunset. The modern decorative indoor places give the ultra-comfort to you.

In addition, the gardens in the Ayana Astina Chapel are decorated using the candles so, at the night it helps to increase the love to both of the wedding people. Moreover, you can celebrate your wedding on the water with beautiful sceneries in case if you choose the wedding spot of this Ayana Astina Chapel.

  1. Ayana Tresna Chapel:

Absolutely, this Ayana Tresna Chapel is one of the most famous romantic as well as the beautiful wedding spot all over the world. The lovely architecture of this Ayana Tresna Chapel makes your wedding as most special.

Moreover, this Ayana Tresna Chapel is completely made using the green tinted glass materials. This tinted glass provides the glorious light inside to the indoors. Furthermore, you can enjoy the flexible wedding packages in this Ayana Tresna Chapel.

Not only that but also you can get the excellent wedding photographer and professional wedding makeup and hairstyle specialist in here. Without any doubt, if you choose this Ayana Tresna Chapel, then surely, you can enjoy the perfect wedding without facing any trouble.

  1. Banyan Tree Water Wedding:

Do you want to enjoy your wedding on the 70 meters of the floating water? If so, then select your wedding spot of Banyan Tree Water. Definitely, this wedding venue makes your wedding as most wonderful. Moreover, the chefs in the Banyan Tree Water Wedding are well experienced so they will provide the variety of foods and great service to the wedding people.

Furthermore, the beautiful beach and crystal clear water will help to relax your mind. However, the white dove destination spot will help to enjoy your honeymoon as great.

  1. Blue Point Chapel:

If you want to make your wedding as more special as well as different, then let’s take a journey to the place of the Blue Point Chapel in Bali. This place does not like other usual wedding places.

In addition, the wedding decoration of this Blue Point Chapel is really impressive as well as you can get the excellent service more than you expected. If you choose this wedding venue, then you will not only enjoy your wedding but also you can enjoy the honeymoon with great packages. Moreover, here, you can enjoy both of the traditional as well as the classic wedding with the great wedding package.

  1. Bvlgari Chapel:

One of the best heaven on the earth is called the Bvlgari Chapel. Most of the people choose this place to enjoy their vacation time but this spot is more famous for the wedding. Every day the fresh flowers in this place will help to stay you as fresh and active.

Moreover, you can enjoy your wedding in front of the ocean so surely, you will love this unforgettable wedding in this wedding spot. Furthermore, the people those who are choosing this wedding spot to enjoy their wedding they will get the excellent wedding experience.

Besides, when it comes to the decoration of this wedding spot is fabulous which means the transparent carpet is gently placed on the floating of the water pond so without any doubt, you will enjoy the different wedding experience in this place.

  1. Bvlgari Villa Wedding:

Definitely, this Bvlgari Villa is one of the luxury resorts in Bali. Here, you can enjoy your wedding in the style of the Bvlgari. Moreover, they will option you as four wedding styles such as water wedding, the gazebo wedding, the pavilion wedding, and the beach wedding.

Each of the wedding style includes the varieties of the wedding flower decoration. These decorations will make the world most flower decoration team. So, surely, the flower wedding decoration will help to calm your mind and it enhances the romantic mood to you.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the 2 nights with the great housing in an ocean view villa. Not only that but also they will provide the breakfast for free with a variety of dishes.

  1. Conrad Beach Wedding:

Celebrate your wedding in Bali is one of the excellent things. In that, if you are choosing the Conrad Beach, then you make the perfect decision. However, are you seeking the best place to enjoy the beach wedding within the low package? If so, then choose the best place of the Conrad Bali. Why because? Here, you can enjoy your wedding on the golden beach.

Moreover, without any tension, you can relax here and enjoy your sweet wedding moments with your loved one. Furthermore, the climate and the flower fragrance will enhance your mood gently to enjoy the every moment of your wedding with your lovable partner.

  1. Dewa Dewi Chapel:

Are you getting crazy on someone? Do you want to marry your lovable one? If so, then make your wedding as most fantastic moments in your life. However, one of the best places to enjoy the wedding moments is Dewa Dewi Chapel.

The architecture of the wedding spot is really mesmerized. Not only but also you can enjoy the 180 degrees of the Indian Ocean view in Dewa Dewi Chapel. Furthermore, you don’t want to scare about the wedding decoration because they will provide the fabulous flower decoration to your wedding.

Moreover, the stunning flower decoration on the waling area as well as the wedding spot will stimulate your love feeling. In addition, here, you can enjoy the foods with excellent taste.

Final Verdict:

All the things to consider, hopefully, the information in this article will really helpful for you while choosing the wedding spot for your wedding. However, are you decided to enjoy your wedding, then try to choose any one of the above-recommended wedding spots in Bali based on your wedding packages and enjoy the each and every moment of your wedding in front of the beautiful sceneries and lovable beaches with your lovable one.

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